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About the Artist

My name is Carli Torti. I am a studio artist born and raised in Texas, I have been fortunate to travel all over the world and have spent the last 3 years in Costa Rica. I am the youngest child of 4 and my passions among many include- art, nutrition, nature, architecture people, human development, soccer, camping, hiking, loving one another, and many more. I am currently living in Texas pursuing my Masters in Architecture.

My concepts primarily focus on the world above, around, and below us. Spiritual aspects of the world that are so transparent if you look deep enough and with nature, the metaphoric and conceptual ideas that nature provides us- this includes literal environmental aspects and people, (as we too are apart of nature) people as nature and how people effect nature.

My artistic intention is to show the viewer the comparisons that the world has to offer. Transforming the seemingly mundane or typical actions of our everyday lives and observations, to the expanded perception of the creation around us. The beauty of a grand design.

beach potrait.jpg
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